About me

My passion with music started very early.

Back in the 90’s in Brazil, my mom would gather her friends around the living room to sing many Brazilian classic bossa novas and what we now call MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). She would play either the guitar, keyboards or percussion instruments, and would always encourage people to play together (she is a natural music teacher) and help them out to keep the groove up! Those moments were definitely the sweetest moments in our family life!

After school, I’ve decided to move to Curitiba, to start my music degree. Musical life was still flourishing in the city at that time, and I had the opportunity to play and work with so many great musicians. My experience in music was so varied that is quite difficult to tell you what “kind” of musician I am. I’ve worked in pop groups playing in restaurants, choro groups for bars and – yes – elderly houses, samba groups for dancing clubs, jazz groups for pubs and companies’ events. I’ve had the amazing experience of singing, assisting and directing several vocal groups, and in the process even had play roles for acts in musicals! Oh yeah, I would never forget the party bands, when I would play in marriages and graduation parties, sometimes having to dance, play rock guitar solos on my knees and accompany a DJ for a Live project, all in one night! Good memories 😉

In the meantime, following my dad’s advice for academic life: “It doesn’t matter what you do, but just DO something!”. I’ve done a cultural management distance program, audio and electronic music production courses, and after that I decided to move forward to a long-time dream of mine: “study abroad”.

I moved to Winnipeg (Canada) for my Master’s degree in performance in jazz guitar, and those were by far the best two years of my life since then. I can’t stress how much I learned about life, music and jazz in that super cold city (I’ve got many days with less than -40ºC!!!). During my whole professional life I always gave classes in many music schools and for private students. Recently I’ve had the amazing honour of presenting a couple of workshops in my university in Brazil. A life achievement, considering that my father and my sister are university professors (and pretty much everyone in my family is a teacher of something!).

Now I just moved to Berlin, after spending some time in France and Ireland. I’ve managed to keep some monthly earnings working as an autonomous music producer and, since then, I’ve been stubbornly insisting in one of my greatest life goals: to work with music while travelling around the world.



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